Auto. Abrasive Cutter(CK260B/360B/460B)-Top Tech Machine-Metallographic Sample Preparation Equipment

Design for medium specimen, with manual and automatic cutting. T-slot table applied with Top Tech quick clamping vise, not only decrease the time for specimen clamping, but also getting a perfect surface at the same time.

With LED and magnetic cleaning spray gun, operator can observe the cutting process and clean the chamber easily.

  • Auto. Abrasive cutting
  • machine
  • 金相切割机 金属組織切断機
  • Machines Tronçonnage Cortadoras Metalográficas
  • отрезной станок เครื่องตัดเปียก
  • 절단기 Sectione apparatus
  • Metallographic Przecinarki
  • metalograficzne Máy cắt
  • Metallographic mesin
  • pemotong Metallographic
  • Metalografie-Řezání Mesin
  • Potong Metalografi