The PRECISO CL-50 High Speed Precision Saw is
for applications requiring the cutting of materials where no deformation or burning is acceptable. Speed adjustable from 0-2000rpm allows great operator flexibility. Built in coolant reservoir keeps the sample lubricated throughout the cutting process. Easy to use dressing system let’s the blade remain clean for better sectioning.Comes with 4” diamond wafering blade, coolant and a one year warranty on all parts and labor.


  • MOTOR POWER 120W (1/6hp)

  • MAX DIAMETER CUT 50mm (2”)

  • BLADE SIZE 3”-7”

  • LOAD PRESSURE 0-700 g 


  • ROTATIONAL SPEED 0-2000rpm

  • COOLANT TANK l litre (32 oz.)



3” High concentration wafernig blade PSI-140-3 3” Low concnetration wafering blade PSI-141-3 4” High concentration wafernig blade PSI-140-4 4” Low concnetration wafering blade PSI-141-4 5” High concentration wafernig blade PSI-140-5 5” Low concnetration wafering blade PSI-141-5 Cutting oil, Quart PSI-150-1