ALTOCUT-CF Series Two Axes Auto Abrasive Cutter • Suitable for long specimen (auto)
• Application range: automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and research & academic • Suitable for steel, iron, copper, titanium, aluminum, ceramic, spark plug, sensor and fastener  

Touch and multi-function panel

Intuitive panel and high recognition icon on the interface are easy to realize. It also greatly lowers the operation time.

Twin joystick control system

Feeding platform and spindle can be positioned by joystick easily. The speed of joystick is adjustable, and the operation is intuitive and flexible.

Intelligent variable feeding rate

The feeding rate will be adjusted automatically according to the different thickness and hardness of the materials. When the motor overload, the speed will reduce to appropriate value or stop feeding automatically. When the overload reduces, the speed will return to the setting value.

Twin axes cutting: feeding cutting and rocker arm cutting

  • The longitudinal movement (X-axis) can

    be set up to 250mm with feeding cutting.

  • The horizontal movement (Y-axis) cof

    right and left can each be moved to 100

    mm. (Manual)

  • The vertical movement (Z-axis) can be

    set up to 200mm with rocker arm cutting.


Laser alignment

Machine is equipped with laser alignment. This will help user define the exact position during the operation.


Cutting chamber which is illuminated by powerful LED makes it easy to observe the cutting process.

Feeding clutch/ Feeding hand-wheel

Quick switch between manual and auto mode makes the operation convenient. The feeding rate can be control by hand-wheel under the manual mode.